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Practice Areas

Intelligence and Insights

How does your company make decisions? Would you describe your culture as data-driven? 

Click on the tabs below to see how well your organization is managing its research and intelligence program, which serves as an essential foundation for effective strategy and management.


  • Do your customer-facing teams (Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service) have support from your enterprise IT team, or do they contract with external third parties for their data and reporting needs?
  • How do you consolidate reporting data from different programs within the business - manually, or using an enterprise tool?
  • Are you using programmatic connections (e.g., API data transfer) to move data on a routine basis? Is data stored in a centralized location such as a Data Warehouse, or one of your third party systems?
  • What approach do you use to integrate data across different programs and areas of the business? Is the process handled manually, or performed programmatically using an ETL or ETL process?


  • Does your team create reports manually, or using a business intelligence platform like Tableau or Power BI?
  • When you need a report, do you generate it yourself out of Tableau / Power BI / other, or do you depend on an analyst (or other person on your team) to run the report for you?
  • How do you spend more of your time - pulling together the report, or analyzing the report to provide insight and identify trends?
  • Are there differences between the results in your reports, compared to other teams in the business who report on the same measures? Do you understand why they vary?


  • Who administers commercial and market research in your company - one centralized team, or is it distributed across many different teams?
  • Are the findings from different market research projects generally consistent with one another? How often do they contradict one another?
  • How often is market research conducted? Is it fielded on a routine cadence, according to an overarching research plan? Or are projects initiated for specific needs? Or both?
  • Do you conduct research most often to build the right product (exploration and innovation), or to build the product right (usability and product refinement)?


How did your company measure up?
(Pun intended.)

These questions are just a handful of indicators that help us understand the state of your insights program. If you weren't satisfied with your answers to this short "temperature check," let Sequent help. We would love to put our expertise to work for you, drawing on nearly two decades of cross-industry and cross-functional experience in insights.

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