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Strategy Workshops

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Strategy Workshops

This may come as bad news: There is no magic process for formulating an effective strategy. And there are no guarantees that even the most innovative strategy will be a success.

That said - there are two ways to virtually guarantee that your strategy WILL NOT work.

The first is to allow an individual to "hoard" strategy activities individually, and not involve the stakeholders whose buy-in would make it successful. The second is to put strategy development in the hands of people who haven't been exposed to its body of knowledge, and aren't necessarily even clear on what strategy is. 

Here's the good news:

You can increase the odds of developing a strategy that works.

  • First, insist on collaboration between the key leaders whose teams will be affected by the strategy, to factor their perspectives into the equation and to garner their support.

  • Second, provide resources that allow all of the members of your strategy team to have a comparable grasp on the topic, to ensure that individuals with an information disadvantage aren't disregarded. 

The workshops described below can help on both these fronts. They've been developed with c-suite officers and senior executives in mind, but will benefit any customer-focused leader with an eye on career growth and cross-functional partnership.s.

Contact us for more information, or to arrange for a free consultation on how our strategy workshops can play a part in your leadership development program.

Make a Plan

Strategy Workshops

Get your leaders on the same page with our Strategy Seminar.

Then have them apply what they've learned in our Value Chain Summit.

Strategy Seminar

A modified version of our "Serious Strategy" class, this seminar will help your leaders engage in more productive conversations about strategy by furnishing them with a common body of knowledge and lexicon.

Value Chain Summit

An intesive, multi-day leadership offsite (or virtual series, for distributed teams) to transform research, data, ideation, and collective decision making into a new Go-to-Market strategy, using a curated set of tools and frameworks.

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