The Role of Learning in Market Leadership

Strengthening Individuals

Strategic Upskilling

Transformational Imperatives

A smart, effective Go-to-Market strategy doesn’t just happen. For the process to be successful, the leaders involved need very specific skills and capacities that are sometimes outside of their comfort zone – for example, data literacy, research acumen, and a tolerance for ambiguity.

This type of gap often goes unnoticed. When it does come to light, that leader is typically too short on time to find the right resources… that is, if they were even certain what the “right” resources are. So, as you would expect, it goes unaddressed and creates a vulnerability – albeit small – in the company’s commercial strategy. And these small vulnerabilities accumulate into larger problems.

HR and OD professionals are in a unique position to tackle these development issues, and Sequent is ready to help. Between two intensive “bootcamp” courses, we outline and reinforce 18 foundational capacities (see diagram below) that will set them up for success. These sessions further build on that foundation, providing much-needed background context, tools, and frameworks to develop and execute on a strong Go-to-Market approach.

18+ foundational capacities support the strategic management process:

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