Leadership Alignment:
The Key to GTM Effectiveness

Shared Map
of the Market

Unified View of
the Customer

Across Functions


You’ve put together a team of smart, successful executives. They were eager to partner with each other initially, but their different perspectives have made it increasingly difficult to find common ground – and before long, tensions and frustrations have taken a toll on their relationships. How do you move forward?

It will take more than teambuilding to get a group of strong-willed leaders working from the same playbook.

Before that can be effective, they need a common understanding of the landscape and the people or organizations they’re serving. Only then can you align them toward a shared goal, and refine your operating model to improve the way they work together.

Sequent is an experienced, insightful partner to executive teams who are ready to make this transition. We facilitate the process with your key leaders, providing focus and structure, unique tools, coaching, and additional support where needed to help your teams to develop the internal capabilities they need to go-to-market more effectively.

The services described below will give you a preview of the different ways we help our clients. But becaquse every leadership team is unique – with distinct strengths and challenges – we find that a real-time consultation is a much better way for us to outline a specific approach to help your business.

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Market Mapping

Our platform ensures you’re always on top of the market, and gives leaders a consistent view of the terrain, enterprise-wide.

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Customer Insight

Stop wasting money on siloed research within single teams. Get one comprehensive understanding of customers for them all.

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End-to-End Measurement

Whose numbers are right? End the debate with centralized reporting – from the first click to last customer service call.

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Value Chain Mapping

What value will have the greatest impact on your customers? Learn how to find and deliver it. 

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Strategy Platform

Are you getting ahead with the framework you’re using today? Consider our alternative to BSC, Hoshin, and 4×4.

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Management Framework

Go beyond goal setting and tracking. Sequent’s framework helps remove barriers & address unvoiced problems.

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