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Commercial Research

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Market Analysis | Commercial Research

The best way to predict what's next - in the market, for your customers, within your company - is to understand what's happening around you. Some leaders might enjoy the thrill of being routinely caught off guard by external circumstances. For the rest of us who prefer to minimize those surprises, it's essential to have a proactive approach to scanning the landscape and tracking changes over time, so you can anticipate potential changes and get ahead of them.

Sequent provides deep expertise in market analysis and commercial research. We'd be happy to meet in real-time to give you a full capabilities overview in this area, and learn more about the challenges your business is facing.

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Analysis & Research Services

We've included a few offerings here, as a starting point. But let's think outside the box too - there are so many ways we can support your commercial goals with better insight!

PESTLE Analysis

Learn how macro-level forces - political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental - are likely to affect your customers' circumstances, preferences, and behavior.

Competitor Analysis

What products or services could your target customers buy instead of yours? This analysis helps identify direct and adjacent competition, and understand how their offerings, key messages, and messaging differs from yours.

Category Analysis

What shifts in your industry are already underway, or headed in your direction? A Category Analysis helps to detect patterns and trends that are easy to miss when you're so embedded in your field.

Digital Footprint

What information will your prospective customers find online when they start the process of shopping? A Digital Footprint analysis is used to catalogue and analyze this searchable content, to help you differentiate your company from its peers.

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