Strategy Workshops

Your team and their ideas, brought together in a new way to find the best path forward.

Many of us learn by doing. This makes strategy workshops a great way to codify the new insight and strategy approaches you’re trying to implement, or to take new frameworks for a test-drive before you roll them out across your organization.

At Sequent, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – through two decades of experience working with strategic management processes, both within and as a consultant for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. Here are some highlights:

How to guarantee failure:
  • Allow one individual or team to dominate strategy activities, without involving the stakeholders whose buy-in would make it successful
  • Assume that all leaders have similar levels of familiarity with, and experience using, the body of knowledge and practices of strategy
  • Interpret lackluster participation in strategy discussions as stemming from the absence of strategic acumen, or a low desire to influence strategy
How to increase your odds of success:
  • Promote collaboration between the key leaders whose teams will execute the strategy, to incorporate all perspectives and earn their support
  • Level the playing field through resources that ensure all of the members of your strategy team to have a comparable grasp on the topic, and by giving them a shared strategy “lexicon” to communicate wit
  • Engage a neutral third party to facilitate early discussions and ensure equitable participation from all groups

The workshops described below can help on both these fronts. They’ve been developed with c-suite officers and senior executives in mind, but will benefit any customer-focused leader with an eye on career growth.

Strategy Workshops

Get your leaders on the same page with our Strategy Seminar.

Then have them apply what they’ve learned in our Value Chain Summit.

Value Chain Summit

An intensive, multi-day leadership offsite (or virtual series, for distributed teams) to transform research, data, ideation, and collective decision making into a new Go-to-Market strategy, using a curated set of tools and frameworks.

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