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Strategy: We're Long Overdue For a New Approach

We get it. Your current strategic framework - whether it's Balanced Scorecard, Hoshin Kanri, or something else - just isn't cutting it anymore. Every year it's the same thing; spend two weeks agonizing over new objectives for the new fiscal year, and then wish there was time to work on them - until the end of each business quarter when updates on your progress are due. In parallel, you're getting pressured into using Agile for everything, but that's starting to feel less and less "agile" with massive project teams and rigid processes.

To top it all off - none of this feels like strategy. This year's plan is largely seeking incremental gains, because - as it's often said - "nobody gets fired for year-over-year growth." But when competitors introduce new breakthroughs, panic ensues. Projects are launched under duress to respond to these new market threats, led by discouraged teams who soon realize the most they can hope to accomplish is a "me too" offering to put your company at parity with the first-movers. 

Get back out in front

At Sequent, our offerings are designed to help clients cultivate the courage they need to place strategic bets ahead of the market. Reliable insights are the first step, but your go-to-market approach won't fully benefit from that intelligence without a bold strategy to exploit what you've learned.

Formulated, but not formulaic

So where do these winning strategies come from? Strategy development is an art and a science. While there is no secret recipe or magic process for churning out a perfect approach every time, we believe that companies who make strategy a "creative habit" increase their success rate.  

Toward that end, Sequent has combined nearly two decades of experience across different areas of the business with intense research over the last two years to develop a new framework that balances between seemingly oppositional forces:  aspiration and practicality, innovation and incrementalism, unified orchestration and decentralization, analysis and action, project and BAU - to name a few.

We're so confident in this framework, that we're in the process of developing a strategy management platform around it. Stay tuned for more details on our release, currently scheduled for September of 2022. 

Get started today

There's no need to wait for our platform to dig in. Contact us to learn how we can help your team rediscover their strategic side through our classes, workshops, and strategy consulting services.

Make a Plan

Strategy Workshops

Interested in conducting a Strategy Seminar or Value Chain Summit?

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Strategy Seminar

A modified version of our SERIOUS Strategy class, this seminar will help your leaders engage in more productive conversations about strategy by furnishing them with a common body of knowledge and lexicon.

Value Chain Summit

An intesive, multi-day leadership offsite (or virtual series, for distributed teams) to transform research, data, ideation, and collective decision making into a new Go-to-Market strategy, using a curated set of tools and frameworks.

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