Market Research

When it comes to Market Research, there are an overhwhelming number of tools out there to consider. This is one of the reasons why many businesses struggle to get ROI on their market research projects – because they’re not using the best-fit approach for their circumstances.

At Sequent, our superpower is helping you choose the right tool for the job at hand. Our skill for navigating the market research landscape has been developed through more than a decade of experience using market research to answer business problems, both on the supplier and client side.

To accelerate our clients’ progress on the market research learning curve, and help them better manage their own research programs, we’ve transformed that perspective into a research framework. You can harness this framework today by taking our Essential Insights© class. 

Don’t have time for DIY? We’re happy to do the research for you. Read more below about some of the most common types of research studies we conduct on a regular basis. Or – better yet – Contact Us for a full capabilities demonstration!


Market Research

There are so many types of market research – it can be overwhelming.

Let us help you choose the right type of project to meet your business needs.

Along with the methods you’d expect, we’re well versed in a wide range of other research tools.

Surveys, Interviews,
& Focus Groups

Our Essential Insights framework elevates our use of these standard “tools of the trade”, ensuring your research efforts produce meaningful insights that will move the needle.


People can have dramatically different perspectives, values, and preferences within the same demographic groups. Segmentation divides the market into groups of likeminded customers, to better understand needs and improve marketing and sales targeting

Win/Loss Analysis

What aspects of the sales process are contributing to your wins? What must be adjusted to win more often? Gather feedback directly from the customer, immediately following an engagement with sales.

Bulletin Boards

A Bulletin Board study combines some of the best aspects of in-depth interviews (IDIs) and focus groups. They’re a great way to explore the underlying experiences, values, beliefs, education, and motivations that influence behavior, attitudes, and preferences.

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