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Stop firefighting. Start leading

Fixing your go-to-market approach is an inside job. Sequent can help.

At Sequent, we believe that customers, shareholders, and employees all benefit when a company is continually ready for what’s next. But we’ve found that most companies are the opposite of ready, suffering from:

  • Project Chaos:  An overflow of Agile initiatives, conceived outside of a unifying strategy, force key talent to operate in daily firefighting mode. They're too burned out to think about the huge changes in the market, which are screaming for a new game plan. 
  • Poor Visibility:  Without a well-architected insights program, commercial teams are forced to "leap before they look" when competitors make big moves in the marketplace. Time, energy, and dollars are wasted in the frantic process of catching up.
  • Executional Challenges:  Chronic panic makes it hard to chip away at long-term objectives. Simultaneously, the daily friction points your teams are too afraid to talk about are eating away at their appetite for sustained achievement. Morale and performance both lag.


Sequent is here to help your team break this cycle and get back out in front, with a unique approach to insights, strategy, and management.

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What's your role in the fix?

Whether you're a CEO or just starting your career, Sequent can help you affect change within your organization and develop the tools to decide what's next - for your business as a whole, the team you lead, or your developent path. 

Chief Officer / Executive Leader

  • Founder / Owner
  • C-Suite Officer
  • Vice President
  • Board Member

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HR / Organizational Development

  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Organizational Design
  • Workforce Planning

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Customer-Focused Director / Manager

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Product

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Early Career / Emerging Leader

  • Associate
  • Coordinator
  • Analyst
  • Assistant

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Working with Sequent

Our Services

Sequent helps companies create change from within to win – building the capabilities to take more internal ownership over big commercial decisions and initiatives.

On occasion, when you need specialized or short-term help, Sequent provides high-value consulting services - providing expertise without pretense or hubris. Positive and practical; innovative and data driven; working with Sequent is an authentically different experience.

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