Education and Upskilling

Change is hard – even when it’s for the better. Accelerate the process with executive training you won’t find anywhere else.

For tactical skill development, educational resources are everywhere. Even with some variability in quality and content, it doesn’t typically take much time or effort to connect work teams with the training they need.

When it comes to executive learning, it’s a different story – particularly in the areas of insights and strategy. Most classes in Business Intelligence and Market Research are created to teach practitioners how to generate reports and conduct research studies; they’re not intended for senior executives who are trying to create an effective ecosystem of insights tools.

At Sequent, we develop classes through a leadership lens. Offering both pre-developed (see below) and custom classes in our expertise areas, we’d love to work together to make your team smarter, more effective, and more confident.

Expertise Areas:
  • Strategy
  • Insights Programs
  • Business Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Leadership
  • Data Literacy


Developed as an integrated pair, these classes are designed to accelerate your team’s ability to develop strategy in-house, rather than relying on external consultants.

Elevate your organization’s strategy capabilities by investing in comprehensive training for your leaders today!

Essential Insights©

A practical framework for informing your Go-to-Market strategy with Business Intelligence and Market Research.

SERIOUS Strategy©

Take your strategic skills to the next level with crucial strategy concepts & updated methods for strategy formulation.

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