Analysis and Measurement

Do you have the data you need to make smart decisions? How long does it take you to pull those numbers together? If your answers are in the vicinity of “not as often as I’d like” and “way too long” then it’s time to get your analytics house in order.

Sequent has an extensive background in business intelligence and data science. Together with our technology partner, we’ve worked across myriad platforms and through numerous challenges to stand up robust, automated, and most importantly integrated reporting for large clients in the financial services and healthare industries.

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Analytics and Data

Need a Nerd Herd to tackle your data challenges? We’re on it!

End-to-End Measurement

From the first impression to the most recent payment, integrate your data across the entire customer journey to bring the whole business on the same (metrics) page. Say goodbye to the recurring “which numbers should we be looking at” conversation, and get hours of your life back.

Data Science

Are you completely overwhelmed by the terms machine learning, artificial intelligence, and random forest? We can help you cut through the hype, to learn what data science tactics might benefit your business, and which methods aren’t a good fit. You’ll learn a lot in the jargon-free process.

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